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Meet The Team

Meet The Team


The brains behind the business!

Jacquie’s a fully qualified chartered certified accountant, her career in accountancy spans over a decade and has vast experience in practice, industry and even teaching people to be accountants. She is a firm believer that you don’t have to be boring and grey to be a good accountant and that even the most complicated of areas can be explained in everyday language.

Contact: jacquie@adepta-online.co.uk


A fully qualified chartered accountant who fancies himself as a bit of a golfer!

He really is the veteran out of all of us and we remind him just occasionally how many years he has been in this profession, even though he’s not really that old. Karl has many of his own business ventures which makes him the ideal person to be our business consultant. That and the fact that it leaves him more time for the 19th hole.

Contact: karl@adepta-online.co.uk


We’d be lost without her!

Kelly is AAT qualified and just three exams away from full ACCA qualification. On top of working and studying, she also balances family life with her three year old son. Perhaps that’s why we let her work part time. She really is the best bookkeeper and accounts preparation person we know. She’s so good that she even does our accounts. What more can we say?

Contact: kelly@adepta-online.co.uk

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